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openldap as slave server to windows AD


This is my first experience with ldap, there are lots of different approaches to configuring openldap and I'm a bit lost.

I'm about to setup a windows domain server with AD for some 50 windows pc's. The windows pc's will use the windows server directly and that's settled.

However I also have lots of different services running on linux servers which require the same user authentication and could be configured to use ldap based authentication instead of each having their own account database. It's a hassle to maintain accounts for each service separately.

Also, if the windows server should be unavailable, I'd still like to be able to login and use the services running on linux servers.

So I imagine having openldap act a slave server (like in DNS) the for the windows active directory service's "User" space.

Is this possible and which configuration path should I take? The manual mentions proxy configurations as well as something called chaining.

Please point me to the correct chapter and any other hints are appreciated.



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