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Re: Segfault during Auth Benchmark request

--On Tuesday, April 21, 2009 6:24 PM +0200 "SAGNIMORTE Thomas (CAMPUS)" <thomas.sagnimorte@oxylane-group.com> wrote:


I am working on building and benchmarking OpenLDAP v2.4.16 for a large
entries directory (actual test: 2 000 000 but final objective 10 000 000

I use SLAMD to test authentication in order to evaluate what is the
maximum number of authentication I can do on my server. So I try to do 5
authentications per 5ms during 5min.

My OpenLDAP 2.4.16 is install on the X86 two core 2.8Ghz server with 4Go
of memory.

I set 3Go in cache of DB_Config and I have look a lot on how configure
properly slapd.

Is it normal because I have reach system limits or can I change some
parameter to optimize slapd performance?

Do some people have some figures about slapd performance with large
entries directory on standard server?

Where is the gdb backtrace of your segfault?

Which slapd backend are you using? bdb? hdb? something else? Did you properly tune the entry cache, idlcache, and dncache?



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