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Segfault during Auth Benchmark request

Title: Segfault during Auth Benchmark request


I am working on building and benchmarking OpenLDAP v2.4.16 for a large entries directory (actual test: 2 000 000 but final objective 10 000 000 users).

I use SLAMD to test authentication in order to evaluate what is the maximum number of authentication I can do on my server. So I try to do 5 authentications per 5ms during 5min.

My OpenLDAP 2.4.16 is install on the X86 two core 2.8Ghz server with 4Go of memory.

I set 3Go in cache of DB_Config and I have look a lot on how configure properly slapd.

Is it normal because I have reach system limits or can I change some parameter to optimize slapd performance?

Do some people have some figures about slapd performance with large entries directory on standard server?