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Re: Adding OU with PSQL backend

Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com> writes:

> Dieter Kluenter wrote:
>> Marcel Berteler <marcel.berteler@bdsolutions.co.za> writes:
>>> Dieter Kluenter wrote the following on 2009/04/21 13:35:
>>>> Marcel Berteler <marcel.berteler@bdsolutions.co.za> writes:
>> Just a few lines down, section 4.2.16 and 4.2.17
>> an equality index should be sufficient.
> Server-side database indexing is implementation-specific and therefore
> RFC 4517 does not say anything about indexing.
> For indexing searches with <= or >= IMHO kind of an ordering index would
> be needed for the ORDERING matching rule. Maybe one of the developers
> could elaborate on how ordering matching works within slapd and whether
> an equality index already speeds up this. When doing it with back-sql
> probably the PostgresQL indexing configuration is relevant either.

A 'greater than or equal to', or 'less than or equal to' filter in
fact is operated on an equality index database.


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