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Adding OU with PSQL backend

For a project that requires a large user authentication database, we are currently using OpenLDAP with a BDB backend. We have about 150K users in the tree and all works well. Authentication and new user creation is fast and we are happy.

But, when we try and get statistical data from the tree, we run into the limitations of LDAP: trying to find all user that have registered last month, using a filter with 2 dates, is just too slow. It takes minutes to come back with a result.

To get around this limitation, we want to experiment with a PSQL backend so we can do some comparative testing.

(If any of you have a way of allowing us to interrogate our BDB backend with SQL like queries that are relatively fast, than please let me know.)

Our test environment:

openldap 2.4.16 with Postgres backend
I have loaded CORE in slapd.conf as well as our custom schema for our users

The only ACL in the conf is ACCESS TO * BY * WRITE

Our tree looks like this and I have loaded the data tables and meta-data tables:


The setup is working about 60%.

with openLdapAdmin, I can see the tree and I can add users.

What I can not do, is add an OU. It gives me:

LDAP said:    Server is unwilling to perform
Error number:    0x35 (LDAP_UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM)
Description:    The LDAP server refused to perform the operation.

If I get this on our custom schema, I can explain this by not having the right meta-data and procedures loaded. But as this is part of the CORE schema, am I right in only adding the meta-data for OU in ldap_attr_mappings without add or delete procedures?

I have looked at the log files and outputs but I can not figure out what is going wrong and why it is not accepting any new OU

Any help is appreciated.



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