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Re: syncrepl issue

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Dans sa grande sagesse, Michael Ströder a écrit, le 30.03.2009 16:55 :
> Oliver Henriot wrote:
>> Dear Michael and list users,
>> Dans sa grande sagesse, Michael Ströder a écrit, le 30.03.2009 15:43 :
>>> Oliver Henriot wrote:
>>>> I have a master openldap 2.3 server which is replicated via syncrepl on
>>>> half a dozen other servers (2.3 too).
>>> Please tell us the exact version.
>> 2.3.27-8 on Centos5.2
> Note that the latest release in the 2.3 series was 2.3.43.
> CHANGES in CVS branch OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_3 even mentions "2.3.44
> Engineering" with a fix. If you go through CHANGES you will see many
> syncrepl-related fixes mentioned after 2.3.27. So you definitely should
> use a more recent version. (Yes, we all know the arguments for using the
> distro packages. This has been discussed before...)

OK, I'll consider that path. Thanks for the advice.

>>>> Due to a legacy application from which I have to import passwords once a
>>>> day, the master server is stopped, erased and re-built from scratch once
>>>> every day...
>>> Why don't you just reset the passwords?
>> I'd love to, I'd really love to.
>> The problem is : this legacy application is used by our clients so we
>> can't remove it right now and the person who developped it never
>> documented it and has left the team. So I'm stuck with it until all my
>> clients migrate to the new application. I'm hoping this won't be too
>> long but in the mean time I have to make do with it.
> Well, dropping the whole DB resetting all passwords is weird anyway. Why
> are you doing replication at all. I'd have a look at this sync
> implementation. It can't be too hard to understand it if you have the
> source or at least have access to the data model of the source database.

I agree it's very weird. The way many things function here are, to put
it mildly, very weird...

Thanks for the info.

Best regards,

> Ciao, Michael.

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