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Re: syncrepl issue

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Dear Michael and list users,

Dans sa grande sagesse, Michael Ströder a écrit, le 30.03.2009 15:43 :
> Oliver Henriot wrote:
>> I have a master openldap 2.3 server which is replicated via syncrepl on
>> half a dozen other servers (2.3 too).
> Please tell us the exact version.

2.3.27-8 on Centos5.2

>> Due to a legacy application from which I have to import passwords once a
>> day, the master server is stopped, erased and re-built from scratch once
>> every day...
> Why don't you just reset the passwords?

I'd love to, I'd really love to.
The problem is : this legacy application is used by our clients so we
can't remove it right now and the person who developped it never
documented it and has left the team. So I'm stuck with it until all my
clients migrate to the new application. I'm hoping this won't be too
long but in the mean time I have to make do with it.

Best regards,

> Ciao, Michael.

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