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Re: Initial setup confusion

Luke Biddell wrote:
I'm attempting to run openldap on intrepid ibex and am encountering some
problems which are most likely down to my understanding. So any newbie
help is much appreciated.

The first confusion is slapd.conf versus slapd.d. I don't have a
slapd.conf file to start with and /etc/ldap/slapd.d is empty. So should
I hand-craft a slapd.conf (despite the docs saying this is the old way)
and convert it to slapd.d format or do I create an ldif file and put it
somewhere (presumably in slapd.d or ldapmodify it)?

Create an LDIF file and slapadd it.

I've also got a schema I wish to import and currently I'm ldapmodify-ing
it in, it's of this form.

     dn: cn=schema,cn=config
     changeType: modify
     add: olcAttributeTypes
     olcAttributeTypes: ...

     dn: cn=schema,cn=config
     changeType: modify
     add: olcObjectClasses
     olcObjectClasses: ....


Hm, this should fail, since the cn=schema,cn=config entry is read-only.

As you can see I'm adding custom attribute types and object classes into
cn=schema,cn=config and this appears to work fine, however they are not
persisted across slapd restarts. I presume I need to put them under
cn=mycustomconfig,cn=schema,cn=config and then they will persist?


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