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Re: ldappasswd returns "Additional info: password hash failed" in Solaris 10 SPARC

I did but against openssl I downloaded from sunfreeware.com.

in either case, openssl is required to run SSL/TLS. I don't think openssl is used for cryptography of passwords.


Michael Ströder wrote:
Marius Paulauskas wrote:
I did further testing and found out the following.

passord change using ldappasswd works if password-hash is set to
CLEARTEXT, SHA and MD5. It doesn't work if it is set to SSHA, SMD5 and
CRYPT or, in other words, non of the "salted" algorithms.

Interestingly, I took it further and compiled openldap myself and result
is exactly the same. I wonder if that is problem with some ciphering
libraries specific to Solaris.

Did you build OpenLDAP with OpenSSL?

What is an ITS that you suggest to file and where to file it?

It's a ticket for an issue. See issue tracker here:


Ciao, Michael.