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Re: olcSyncprovConfig not converted for cn=config

Howard Chu schrieb:
> Oliver Liebel wrote:
>> using openldap 2.4.14 (compiled from openldap.org source-package)
>> i have noticed the following, reproducable behaviour when converting
>> a slapd.conf to slapd.d:
>> olcSyncprovConfig is generated during conversion for the hdb-context,
>> but not for cn=config,
>> although "overlay syncprov" is set for database config
>> tested the conversion several times with slaptest and slapd, with the
>> following simple example-slapd.conf. the result seems always to be the
>> same.
>> any ideas?
> This was fixed in 2.4.9 and subsequently broken again in 2.4.13. I've
> just fixed it (again, sigh) in CVS, will be fixed in 2.4.15.
okay. thanks for your response.