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Re: olcSyncprovConfig not converted for cn=config

Oliver Liebel wrote:
using openldap 2.4.14 (compiled from openldap.org source-package)
i have noticed the following, reproducable behaviour when converting
a slapd.conf to slapd.d:

olcSyncprovConfig is generated during conversion for the hdb-context,
but not for cn=config,
although "overlay syncprov" is set for database config

tested the conversion several times with slaptest and slapd, with the following simple example-slapd.conf. the result seems always to be the same.

any ideas?

This was fixed in 2.4.9 and subsequently broken again in 2.4.13. I've just fixed it (again, sigh) in CVS, will be fixed in 2.4.15.

thanks and greetings, oliver

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