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slave dbd files and timestamps

Hi there,


We?re running openldap 4.1.25 on 4 servers. 2 servers on a site running in master/slave configuration and 2 more on a remote site running as slaves receiving updates from the slurpd running on the master. The question I have isn't really anything to do with the configuration but with what files should be updated on the remote slave servers on update?


The slave running at the same site as the master has all the files (dc.bdb, db2id.bdb, id2entry.bdb and objectClass.bdb) all updated with the same timestamp. However on the remote slaves the objectClass.bdb is NOT updated at the same time as the  others.


Is this a problem?


As an aside, we are getting a log.00000xxxx file created every couple of days on the remote slave servers which isn't happening on the primary site slave server. Is this a configuration issue?


Hope you can help.