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Re: [openldap] Newbie question: can the server (slapd) show incoming search queries?

----- "sol myr" <solmyr72@yahoo.com> wrote:
I'm new to ldap, and would appreciate help on the following:
I'm running the stand-alone server (slapd), and allow some client machines run search queries against it (ldapsearch).
My question: I'd like the "slapd" server to show the incoming search queries. Can it be done?
For example:
- If the client runs
       "ldapsearch -h myhost -b "dc=example,dc=com" -s sub "objectclass=*"
- I'd like the server console(or log file) to show something like:
    Incoming query:  -b "dc=example,dc=com" -s sub "objectclass=*"
I'd tries running "slapd" in debug mode (slupd -d 1),

what about reading the documentation of the -d switch?


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