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schemacheck && valid objects check - just to note slapd behaviour

Using openldap 2.4.10 (x86), bdb backend.

I had custom objectClass. I made it to be structuralObjectClass ,
and then created some object of this class in DIT. Everything works

Then (actually weeks later), I edited my objectClass definitionas,
and made my custom objectClass to be an auxiliary class, and
restarted slapd - everything was still working fine. Schema syntax
is still valid, no schemacheck warnings. 

Then I did a slapcat dump - I realized what happened when came up,
that I cannot load dump back with slapadd, because it contains
objects, which, actually should generate errors. slapcat backups
I did in the meantime was actually useless and I didn't note it.

Now, I don't expect slapd to remove or ignore such objects, anyway while 
SERVING (returning), or indexing existing object of such kind, I'd expect 
some warning, that existing object does not conform existing schema.
Or some tool to verify existing directory objects to find out
about such situation - imagine if I hadn't been trying to retrieve 
from it for months, I wouldn't have learned it became useless :)

May I please for some comments on such issue ? 

Piotr Wadas