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Querying Attribute Type Definitions Problem

I am trying to query the definition of an attribute type using one of the attribute type's aliases.  For example, given:

attributetype ( NAME ( 'cn' 'commonName' )
       DESC 'RFC2256: common name(s) for which the entity is known by'
       SUP name )

I am using Java's naming API to query the definition, and getting an exception saying the attribute type doesn't exist.  Example:

DirContext cnSchema = (DirContext)schema.lookup("AttributeDefinition/commonName");

I appreciate that this is not a Java list - I am trying to determine if what I am seeing is consistent with one of the many LDAP RFC's (i.e. I must use the actual attribute type's name to get the definition).  If not I'll peddle my query elsewhere :)


    Kevin Hardiman