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Re: olcMonitoring attribute

benjamin thielsen wrote:

i've recently begun using back-config and was looking for some more detail on the purpose of the olcMonitoring attribute. my googling and searching of the list archives have revealed not much beyond references in cn=schema.ldif.

This attribute refers to enabling monitoring in databases/overlays. By "monitoring" I mean enabling specific backends and overlays to add custom monitoring data to back-monitor, apart from the default monitoring attributes that are automatically instantiated and maintained by back-monitor for all databases and overlays. AFAIR, it's only honored by back-bdb/back-hdb, and there's experimental code in back-ldap. The attribute "olcMonitoring" corresponds to the "monitoring" statement documented in slapd.conf(5). I suggest you file an ITS to request its documentation in the admin guide as well, as appropriate.


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