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Re: moving ldap-db via file-copying?

On Sat, November 8, 2008 05:30, Dieter Kluenter wrote:
> Hello,
> It is quite likely that your database got corrupted somewhow, so
> depending on the database definition you may try to recover the data
> first. If you had defined 'database bdb' in slapd.conf you may try to
> recover the database with the BerkeleyDB tool db_recover, if you had
> defined database ldbm, you lost.

ok, I`m really glad, because it is indeed bdb. i`ll try that first now, although i`ll 
first have to wrangle suse 10.0 to get said tool. I didn`t set up the server,
i just have to deal with it now, and my suse-fu is not the strongest ;-)

> To add a database to a new OpenLDAp instance the proper way is to dump
> the old data to a file, using the tool slapcat(8) and slapadd(8) to
> the new instance. As you presumably have built OpenLDAP with a newer
> version of BerkeleyDB, just copying files is not appropriate.

ok, i`l try that, too. thank you very much for the hints, i hope it helps.

although i`m wondering, if the db got corrupted, shouldn`t ldap complain about 
it in the logs? as it is, after "rcldap start" the daemon is visible in ps -A,
but is not responding. and in the logs it just says it is initialised, no complains 
or errors etc?

anyways, thank you very much!

> -Dieter
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