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moving ldap-db via file-copying?


I hope you can help me, migrate my old ldap-db, problem is this:

Our old server was running with ldap2.2.7? to serve as backend to the
sambaserver and as of today its refusing to work or give errors 
(the ldap-daemon seems to start, but doesn't open the port, is not 
accessible, gives no errors and has to be killed, because stopping it 
gives no reaction)

now, i've set up a new machine, to use ldap, given it the same suffix, cn,
etc. the version of ldap is a newer one, than on the old box, although
i'm not sure, how far they are removed.

is it in some way possible, to just copy the files in /var/lib/ldap/ from
the old server and insert them into the new box in the same folder? if so,
which files would be ok to overwrite, which not? or woul i have to tweak
some other files for that as well?

or is this completely inconceivable (as i dread is the case), and if yes,
how am i to get the files from the old server to the new one?

any help on this would be greatly appreciated