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Re: "bulk-reload" of database and replication

Sebastian Benoit <benoit-lists@fb12.de> writes:

> Hi,
> we are developing a application using openldap and have the following
> problem:
> We plan a setup using one master-ldap server (with normally few write
> operations). The database will be replicated to (initially) two
> slave-servers using syncrepl replication.
> Now, at the beginning (until the complete system is set up to work with the
> ldap-server) we will need to re-initialize the complete database from
> scratch.
> This reload takes about 10 minutes using perl-ldap and a tcp-connection to
> the server. During this time the application accessing the slave servers
> should still see the old view of the database. The switch from old data to
> new data on the slave-servers should be as fast as possible to avoid clients
> seeing wrong (or not existing) data.
> I thought about writing data in LDIF format and the create a new database
> from that using slapadd. But then there still is the replication problem.
> What methods to others use to solve this?

You may load the new data into a different database directory, after
finishing, you may modify 

olcDbDirectory: $NEWPATH

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