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"bulk-reload" of database and replication


we are developing a application using openldap and have the following

We plan a setup using one master-ldap server (with normally few write
operations). The database will be replicated to (initially) two
slave-servers using syncrepl replication.

Now, at the beginning (until the complete system is set up to work with the
ldap-server) we will need to re-initialize the complete database from

This reload takes about 10 minutes using perl-ldap and a tcp-connection to
the server. During this time the application accessing the slave servers
should still see the old view of the database. The switch from old data to
new data on the slave-servers should be as fast as possible to avoid clients
seeing wrong (or not existing) data.

I thought about writing data in LDIF format and the create a new database
from that using slapadd. But then there still is the replication problem.

What methods to others use to solve this?

Thanks for you help,
Sebastian Benoit <benoit-lists@fb12.de>