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Re: Upgrade from openldap 2.4.9 to 2.4.12

keep it simple.
first, theres no need of upgrading your bdb.
4.2.52 has the longest history to be stable.
for bdb versions, see:

if you want to upgrade your slapds und bdb,
you should dump first your db files the traditional way (slapcat),
there should be no need to "convert" your data when
re-import them with slapadd.
you should not use any bdb-internal upgrading-tools.

next: easiest way to upgrade surely will be to stop all slapds.

as mentioned above, before any upgrade,
stop all slapds if possible (or at least one),
then slapcat > dbdump.ldif on this master (e.g. master1).
remove all old db-files except DB_CONFIG on all masters (if they are down)
upgrade to 2.4.12 and the bdb you want (except 4.3) on all masters (if they are down)
slapadd the ldif on master1,
start this one first , then your other masters,
they will fetch your dit from the first master,
if your replication-config is setup correctly.

if you have to keep the system up (or just have a small downtime)
then stop master1, slapcat, upgrade slapd and bdb, slapadd.
stop the other masters, and then start master1.
on the other masters just upgrade slapd and bdb and remove the old db-files,
they should be synced from master1 when theyre slapds are restarted.

Paul Lee schrieb:
Dear all,

I am currently having 4 LDAP servers running in 4-way masters mode, the current version is 2.4.9 and there are around 100k records.

The db version is 4.2.

If I want to upgrade to version 2.4.12, I should upgrade the db to 4.4 or above, right ?

but if the db version is upgraded, how to preserve my existing 100k records, any formal procedure to convert the data to the new format ?

Is my following procedure correct ?

- upgrade the db version to 4.4
- upgrade openldap in 1 machine to 2.4.12
- delete all the files in /usr/local/var/openldap-data
- stop 2 more openldap servers, leaving only 1 running version 2.4.9
- start the new server running version 2.4.12, then, records will be created in 2.4.12.
- repeat for others servers.

Is this correct ?


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