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Re: Configuring UNIX clients to retrieve user info from LDAP

On Tuesday 21 October 2008 15:17:59 Kumar, Amit H. wrote:
> > Add:
> > debug 1
> >
> > to this file, then, having ensured that nscd is not running, run
> > 'getent passwd ldapuser', and you should see quite a bit of debugging
> > output,
> Just Curious to which file one should add the above line "debug 1" to see
> the debugging output.

Assuming (since this was not provided) the use of PADL's nss_ldap, nss_ldap's 
configuration file. Depending on where the nss_ldap package was obtained, this 
is either /etc/ldap.conf (upstream, Red Hat-style distributions, recent Ubuntu 
versions I think) or /etc/libnss_ldap.conf (I think, on Debian).

> And is the format same as "debug 1".

Yes. Or, if you have a recent enough version of nss_ldap, consult the 
nss_ldap(5) man page.