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Re: translucent overlay with local-only entries

Gavin Henry wrote:
----- "Sven Ulland" <sveniu@ifi.uio.no> wrote:

Gavin Henry wrote:
Are they really correct? With local-only entries working well (as
they should, with my recent version of openldap), I would assume
that local-only would return local-only entries, and that
local-and-remote would return both remote and local entries.
So are you getting local entries at all?
I see local *modifications*, yes. Example: A remote entry with
uid=andrew is edited on the translucent extension with a new
description. When searching, I see the locally changed description
without problems.

On the other hand, when I create *entries* that only exist on the
translucent extension, I never see any sign of them when searching.
I do see them when running slapcat, so they are indeed present in
the local database.

This should be fixed with Howard's 2.4.8 patch some time ago, so I
can only assume there's something strange with my config or the
2.4.10 Debian build. I will try to build a vanilla OpenLDAP from
source as soon as I have time.

OK, thanks. Does a slapcat of the local db show the new entries you've added to existing remote ones?

I assume you mean new and/or modified attributes. Yes, those are shown as well, with all the needed glue records in place. So as far as I can see, writing new entries/attributes works perfectly fine, but the searching does not. I'll send an update after trying the vanilla distr.