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Re: Proxying data for syncrepl

----- "Bonnie Oostenbrug" <Bonnie.Oostenbrug@indaal.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to set up the following configuration. Unfortunately,
> without much luck so far.
> 1. A Directory Server capable of LDAP e.g. LotusDomino, OpenLDAP, AD,
> etc....
> (This Server isn't/can't be specially configured for replication. I
> can only ensure that the schema is correct. That is the whole point of
> my undertaking - because Lotus Domino/AD support it.

They support their own kind of replication, which is normally already configured,
hence why it appears you don't need to enable anything.

> 2. OpenLDAP configured as Proxy with a database of type LDAP with
> overlay syncprov configured and a uri that points to my Directory
> Server

This won't work. Read more about how Syncrepl works at:


You can only use Syncrepl against a Syncrepl provider.

> 3. A Consumer with a database of type BDB configured for syncrepl with
> my proxy as provider
> The whole idea is to be able to use this setup to incorporate
> information from diverse legacy directory servers and get it into a
> manageable standard OpenLDAP Directory. Without exports etc. I need to
> have the data replicated down local to my consumer due to Network
> restrictions.
> I want to be able to point my Proxy at 3 different Directory Servers
> and replicate this content down to a single consumer.
> If I set up the configuration using an OpenLDAP Server as my Directory
> Server it works. (more or less*)
> But when I change the proxy to point to e.g. Lotus Domino as my
> Directory Server I get the error "got empty SyncUUID with
> LDAP_SYNC_ADD" and the content doesn't replicate down from the
> Directory Server. Although I see activity on my proxy - he queries my
> Directory Server.
> Did I bite off to much for a newbie or am I missing something
> obvious??
> Thanks for ideas in which direction I need to be looking!
> Bonnie

Also search the mailing list archives for numerous discussion of Active Directory
replication with OpenLDAP.



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