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Proxying data for syncrepl


I am trying to set up the following configuration. Unfortunately, without much luck so far.

1. A Directory Server capable of LDAP e.g. LotusDomino, OpenLDAP, AD, etc....
(This Server isn't/can't be specially configured for replication. I can only ensure that the schema is correct. That is the whole point of my undertaking - because Lotus Domino/AD support it.
2. OpenLDAP configured as Proxy with a database of type LDAP with overlay syncprov configured and a uri that points to my Directory Server
3. A Consumer with a database of type BDB configured for syncrepl with my proxy as provider

The whole idea is to be able to use this setup to incorporate information from diverse legacy directory servers and get it into a manageable standard OpenLDAP Directory. Without exports etc. I need to have the data replicated down local to my consumer due to Network restrictions.
I want to be able to point my Proxy at 3 different Directory Servers and replicate this content down to a single consumer.

If I set up the configuration using an OpenLDAP Server as my Directory Server it works. (more or less*)
But when I change the proxy to point to e.g. Lotus Domino as my Directory Server I get the error "got empty SyncUUID with LDAP_SYNC_ADD" and the content doesn't replicate down from the Directory Server. Although I see activity on my proxy - he queries my Directory Server.

Did I bite off to much for a newbie or am I missing something obvious??

Thanks for ideas in which direction I need to be looking!

(* the more or less refers to the fact that changes made to the Directory Server content don't replicate down unless I restart the Proxy. Then the changes are immediately replicated to the consumer..... I'm still working on that one??)