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RES: Updating password in slave ldap server

Hi Buchan,

>> Now I am planning to put another LDAP slave in other geographical 
>> place (far from this 2 servers) and because of that I am planning to 
>> put some slave server receiving all updates from master server, but in 
>> all ldap client machines in this new location I would like to 
>> configure this new slave server (Slave server 2) as URI host in 
>> ldap.conf files. I mean Location 1: Master server 1 and slave server 1 
>> Location 2: Slave server 2

> If you configure the updateref correctly on the slave, then the client
will get a referral 
> when it tries to make a change. If the client chases referrals (samba and
pam_ldap do), 
> then they will re-try their change against the master on their own.

I already use updateref, but only in same physical place (I mean, for slave
ldap server). I am concerned about links among them, because when I
configure updateref in slave server 2 (location 2) I want avoid some problem
when user is changing password or something else and slave server 2 can't
contact master server 1, in location 1

> Just configure things correctly (according to the documentation), and you
> have a working solution.

I will. 

> Now, if there is a reason why the clients can't reach the master (e.g. 
> firewall policy or similar), in *that* case slapo-chain can provide a

> You didn't explain why you though there was a problem in the first place

It's above

>> Do I have to use 2 Master servers (1 in each location) ?

> No.

Gustavo Mendes de Carvalho
email: gmcarvalho@gmail.com