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Updating password in slave ldap server

Hi All,
I have 2 LDAP Servers (1 master and 1 slave) and I synchronize bdb database by slurp daemon. So, when somebody needs to update his/her password or other information, everything is done in master server and then slave server receives this updates. This 2 servers are in the same physical place.
Now I am planning to put another LDAP slave in other geographical place (far from this 2 servers) and because of that I am planning to put some slave server receiving all updates from master server, but in all ldap client machines in this new location I would like to configure this new slave server (Slave server 2) as URI host in ldap.conf files. I mean
Location 1: Master server 1 and slave server 1
Location 2: Slave server 2
Is there any way to do:
1. ldap client machines in location 2 to authenticate using Slave server 2 ?
2. when client machines needs to change some ldap information (like password or personal information), to force this update to occurs in slave server 2 and then master server 1 receives this uodate ?
Do I have to use 2 Master servers (1 in each location) ? If yes, can I synchronize both BDB databases ? How ? Any other suggestions ?
Thanks in advance
Gustavo Mendes de Carvalho
email: gmcarvalho@gmail.com