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Re: using query filter with dynlist attributes

Rahul Amaram wrote:
I would like to know if it is possible to use the dynamic attributes (obtained by dynlist overlay), in a ldapsearch query filter. I have tried using it but it does not seem to be working.

Perhaps this is not explicit in the slapo-dynlist(5) man page, but the man page clearly describes the process of dynamic attribute listing, which consists in expanding URL data while __returning__ the results of the search, so the URL data does not participate to candidate selection, and thus if they appear in the filter they do not cause the selection of the dynamic entry that would return them.

Is there any fix for this

It's not broken, it works as intended, so I wouldn't call what you ask for a "fix". It could be a new feature. No, there isn't anything like that in software provided by OpenLDAP, AFAIK.

or is there any other overlay which will allow me to perform an operation similar to sql join across different DN?

Not in software provided by OpenLDAP, AFAIK.


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