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Re: Using logical operators in LDAP queries.....

Dave Horsfall wrote:
On Fri, 8 Aug 2008, ashish mahamuni wrote:

I've my own objectClass called 'Agency'.
It has fields called 'radius' and 'agencyName'.
I want to find out all 'agencyNames' such that 'radius' is less than 400.
How can I achieve this?

You need to ensure that "radius" can compare appropriately,

Dave, it's worth to mention what "compare appropriately" really means. IMHO the original poster is looking for using a filter like (radius<=400).

For this to work attribute type 'radius' has to be of syntax Integer (LDAP syntax with OID and defined with ORDERING matching rule integerOrderingMatch (OID

Then one could query with

ldapsearch [..command-line options with host, base-DN, scope etc..] (radius<=400) agencyName

Ciao, Michael.