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Re: mail Routing thorugh openldap attribute

"Aravind Arjunan" <aravind.arjunan@gmail.com> writes:

> hi,
> I had configured mailserver in postfix and integrated openldap with postfix.
> All my users information is in openldap.
> Now i need to route my mail for particular user to his respective mail box.
> eg:
> So when i send mail to user1 , it will first check the mail address is correct or not from ldap entries
> and check mailHost for the particular user and must go the particular SMTP server where i had mentioned
> in mailHost attribute in ldap.
> But for me it is checking the mailHost attribute and i had mentioned the IP of the SMTP server in my LDAP
> for mailHost attribute.So for me it checks the mailHost attribute and delivering the mail in the same
> SMTP server by creating the IP as the username and droping the mail
> Any body plz guide me home to route the mail to the particular user
> .



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