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mail Routing thorugh openldap attribute

I had configured mailserver in postfix and integrated openldap with postfix.
All my users information is in openldap.
Now i need to route my mail for particular user to his respective mail box.
user1@afnet.com to machine1
user2@afnet.com to machine2
So in openldap i had added attribute like
for user1
mail: user1@afnet.com
mailHost: machine1(IP) or Hostname
mailRoutingAddress: user1@afnet.com
for user2
mail: user2@afnet.com
mailHost: machine2(IP) or Hostname
mailRoutingAddress: user2@afnet.com
In /etc/postfix/main.cf
queryfilter = (mail=%s)
resultattribute = mailRoutingAddress
So when i send mail to user1 , it will first check the mail address is correct or not from ldap entries and check mailHost for the particular user and must go the particular SMTP server where i had mentioned in mailHost attribute in ldap.
But for me it is checking the mailHost attribute and i had mentioned the IP of the SMTP server in my LDAP for mailHost attribute.So for me it checks the mailHost attribute and delivering the mail in the same SMTP server by creating the IP as the username and droping the mail
Any body plz guide me home to route the mail to the particular user .