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Re: mailHost

On Fri, 25 Jul 2008 10:05:51 +0530, "Aravind Arjunan"
<aravind.arjunan@gmail.com> wrote:


> I have two mail box server in different location and two mail servers.
> unique users are existing in different mail servers
> The problem is when mail comes for a particular user it must go the
> respective mail box server.
> For that i need to mention in openldap a mailHost attribute.
> as you all know mailHost attribute is for specifying the location of
> mailbox.
> But in openldap misc.schema mailHoat attribute exits.
> When i add the misc.schema in slapd.conf file and if i add the mailHost
> attribute
> am getting error when i was restarting.

Then I suggest you show the error message to this list.

> And i had downloaded the qmail.schema from google and added that in
> directory as well as in slapd.conf
> Then i added the mailHost attribute.
> But when i specify the mailHost attribute as IP of my mailbox location,
> the
> mail is dropping by creating the IP as name.

Your MTA setup seems to be incorrect, i.e. you are probably using the
mailHost parameter incorrectly. You should take that part of the problem to
the appropriate mailing list, and remember to show logs and other evidence.