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i had configured openldap in RHEL 5.1 operating system as master/slave for replication.
It is working fine without any problem
I had integrated openldap with my mailserver.
mail server is in RHEL 5.1 OS and am using postfix.
I have two mail box server in different location and two mail servers.
unique users are existing in different mail servers
The problem is when mail comes for a particular user it must go the respective mail box server.
For that i need to mention in openldap a mailHost attribute.
as you all know mailHost attribute is for specifying the location of mailbox.
But in openldap misc.schema mailHoat attribute exits.
When i add the misc.schema in slapd.conf file and if i add the mailHost attribute
am getting error when i was restarting.
And i had downloaded the qmail.schema from google and added that in schema directory as well as in slapd.conf
Then i added the mailHost attribute.
But when i specify the mailHost attribute as IP of my mailbox location, the mail is dropping by creating the IP as name.