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Re: AW: script for adding users information in ldap database

I have a question along similar lines.  We use Uportal and Moodle and I want
to set up an LDAP server for those applications to authenticate users.  I
want to take the users in the Uportal MySQL database and migrate them to an
LDIF file.  Has anyone done this?  I am assuming I will have to write some
sort of script to create the LDIF file.  Does anyone have an example of a
script that does something similar?  Anything that involves getting data out
of a MySQL database and creating an LDIF file with it would be really

Thanks so much,

Thanks for all of the earlier help with my LDAP woes.  Things are working
better now.  I installed from source.  It was harder than using apt-get, but
it actually works now.  And I got the phpldapadmin working with the server I
set up and can see the example entries I put in, so things are a lot better.
Now I just have to figure out what schema to use and the best way to
represent our users in an ldif file - oh yeah, and how to create an ldif
file from our mysql database :)

On 7/16/08 2:54 AM, "Kick, Claus" <claus.kick@siemens.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> Do you need to add complete users or do you need to add specific data to
> the existing users?
> If you need to add users, I would generate an LDIF and just import that.
> Or, you can use Perl Net::LDAP and then either add or modify the
> entries.
> Without additional information, it is a bit difficult to actually help
> you.
> Best regards,
> Claus
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> Betreff: script for adding users information in ldap database
> hi,
> i had configured openldap in RHEL 5.
> It was in master/slave replication in syncrepl method (refreshOnly)
> method.
> I had to add users information in the ldap database.
> Nearly 15000 users are there so i can able to add all the 15000 users
> infromation at a time.
> so i need a script or some utility to add all the user infromation at
> the same time. Am using LDAP Browser for adding the entries now.
> so plz help me how to add all the users information at single time.

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