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Re: Problems using OpenLPAP for authentification of users: Client library issues STARTTLS but TLS is not configured

--On Thursday, July 10, 2008 1:11 PM +0200 Dieter Kluenter <dieter@dkluenter.de> wrote:


JÃrg Spilker <js@jetsys.de> writes:


well, i donÂt know what iÂm doing wrong. I just want to authenticate
unix and windows users against OpenLDAP Database. I followed some howtos
to setup openldap, winbind etc. and nearly everything seems just fine.
But authenticating unix users finally doesnÂt work. IÂve attached the
syslog output. START TLS extension not supportet. This is true, as i
havenÂt configured OpenLPAP for TLS. But my LDAP client configuration
doesnÂt specify an LDAPS URL. So whatÂs going wrong?

Some Linux distributions have enabled 'ssl start_tls' as default, please check your /etc/ldap.conf carefully.

Also, don't confuse startTLS and LDAPS. They are two entirely different things.



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