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Syncprov overlay not pushing change

openldap 2.3.41 from FreeBSD 6.3 ports.

I have been using a syncrepl setup for some time and it's been working great.

I recently had an app written that allows a user to change his password. It works, but when the user binds and modifies userPassword, the syncprov overlay does not push the change to the refreshAndPersist consumer.
contextCSN is updated, entryCSN is updated, but the "search" never gets pushed.

If I disconnect the consumer and reconnect, the change is then propagated. If I use refreshOnly, everything works fine.

If the same record is modified by rootdn, the update is sent immediately. Nothing is different except the credentials of the user that binds to do the entry modification

I've tried everything I can think of short of going to 2.4 to see if it does the same thing.

Any suggestions appreciated.