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Re: slapd-meta question

danz@wustl.edu wrote:

Thanks for the feedback.

Is it correct to state that with your example there must be a common element in the suffix in order for this to work?
database ldap
suffix "ou=A,o=example"
uri ldap://a.example.com:389

database        ldap
suffix          "ou=B,o=example"
uri ldap://b.example.com:389

database        null
suffix          "o=example"
overlay glue

Pierangelo provided the following example which would seem to indicate that there need not be any commonality in the suffix although this example does not make use of the "null" database entry:
database ldap
suffix "ou=Old"
uri "ldap://old.server";

database ldap
suffix "dc=new"
uri "ldap://new.server";

In our case the suffixes would be:
New server ou=Persons,dc=subdomainA,dc=domain,dc=edu
Old server ou=users,ou=ais
As you can see there is no commonality between the 2.

Thanks again for the help.


I can't see Ando's example in this thread?

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