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Re: bdb panics with openldap

Please keep replies on the list.

Govind c writes:
> Well I haven`t set any parameter to rotate.I guess the
> bdb has some in-built feature where in it rotates
> after the log file reached 10M.

Ah, OK.  I don't think BDB rotates, it just closes the old logfile and
starts a new one.  I expect that's what they want all the digits for:
They don't reuse logfile names, but you are not likely to need
1000000000 logfiles for the lifetime of a database.

Anyway, it looks like you have sometimes run slapd or the slap tools as
user ldap and sometimes as root, and so the files have conflicting
ownership.  Make up your mind about the user, chown the files to that
user and stick to it.