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Re: bdb panics with openldap

Govind c writes:
> The log.000000000 gets rotated based on the size
> (10MB).

_Rotated_?  With logrotate or something like a syslog file?  If so you
sabotaged your database.  This is a database log file to be used for
recovery, you should not rotate it.  You can delete it when db_archive
says so, see the Berkeley DB doc.  Or you can set it up to be auto-
deleted when it is no longer needed, if you do not need to support
catastrophic recovery.

> The new logfile(log.0000000002) was rotated at
> on Apr 30th and I believe the permission was set as
> root:root instead of ldap:ldap(Note: the ldap being
> run as user ldap).

That'd explain permission denied all right.