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Stupid question about search

Hi all.

Again, sorry for my horrible english.

So... I implemented a ldap server at my work. All the systems are working fine. OpenLDAP have being a great backend. But now I need to satisfy the users. They must perform some 'intuitive' searches like "who are the persons on group X, or list all telephones of people on group Y".

But all of this must be executed by 'normal' users. Phpldapadmin have a good interface, but for admins, not for users (IMO).

I don't know, for example, about groups... I have groupOfUniquenames, so... if an user want a list of users, and when choose 'users' node of tree, he get all users. To know about a group, he must go to 'groups' node and look at 'uniqueMember'.

It seems not too much intuitive.

So... I don't know how to implement (and what) to have this stuffs working for my users.

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro