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Re: Stupid question about search

"AlexanDER Franca" <alexander@nautae.eti.br> writes:

> Hi all.
> Again, sorry for my horrible english.
> So... I implemented a ldap server at my work. All the systems are
> working fine. OpenLDAP have being a great backend. But now I need to
> satisfy the users. They must perform some 'intuitive' searches like
> "who are the persons on group X, or list all telephones of people on
> group Y".
> But all of this must be executed by 'normal' users. Phpldapadmin have
> a good interface, but for admins, not for users (IMO).
> I don't know, for example, about groups... I have groupOfUniquenames,
> so... if an user want a list of users, and when choose 'users' node of
> tree, he get all users. To know about a group, he must go to 'groups'
> node and look at 'uniqueMember'.
> It seems not too much intuitive.
> So... I don't know how to implement (and what) to have this stuffs
> working for my users.

You may consider dynamic lists, see man slapo-dynlist(5) and
slapo-dyngroup(5), I run several telephone lists by dynamic lists.


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