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Re: slapo-chain - can't get it working

Richard Nelson wrote:
I sent this two days ago, from an unsubscribed account and it still hasn't shown
up... don't know if moderation is hampered, or if it just didn't make through...

I have the basics covered - 1 master, 4 syncrepl slaves (going to 2-3 MM, 1-2
slaves).  This setup has been working quite well - supporting AIX, Linux user
data, Samba PDC/BDCs, and Kerberos (slapd 2.4.7  Debian Sid/unstable)

The only issue I have now, is having to find the master to perform any updates.

I'd like to use slapo-chain so that update referrals are automatically handled,
especially since so little stuff supports referrals - even things that should.

There are a few examples here and there, and unfortunately, some of them
contradict others (probably written to different ldap levels).

Use the example in test018 of the test suite.

If you're looking at docs that aren't from OpenLDAP.org they're most likely wrong or at least out of date. There are a few notable exceptions (symas.com / connexitor.com tend to be pretty good as well ;)

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