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Re: Any success story using syncRepl with postgresql backend?

Tommy Ho wrote:
I was wondering if anyone had success with using multi-master
replication (syncrepl with mirrormode enabled) using postgresql as the

I had this working using BDB but when I switched over to use postgres as
the backend, the synchronization becomes very erratic and inconsistent,
deleted data from one master never gets propagated and newly added data
will sometimes get sync'd and sometimes it doesn't.

As far as I remember, sync replication support for back-sql was very experimental, and it broke at some stage of syncrepl development. So the fact you see an erratic behavior is as much as you could expect. I'd rather expect that no replication occurs at all. Patches are welcome, as usual, but I don't believe right now there's much interest in having that feature work as intended. It was pursued at some point relying on some customer's request which was never formalized; as such, interest in that very specialized development reduced, and no one seems to be willing to restore it. A renewed interest might boost its development, though.


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