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AD + Openldap integration

I am not entirely sure where to ask this particular question, and I
apologize in advance if this is not the correct forum...

We have an AD infrastructure and we'd like to get all of our unix boxes
to authenticate against the AD servers.  I'm able to query against our
AD servers by hand using:
ïldapsearch -x -LLL -E pr=200/noprompt -h ouradhost -D
"CN=Administrator,OU=IT Department,OU=Users,OU=My
Business,DC=ourdomain,DC=dotcom" -W -b "dc=ourdomain, dc=dotcom" -s sub

And that gives me the entire tree, but I haven't made much progress from
there.  Honestly, I am unsure what 'right' resulting architecture would
be: have each unix (linux, CentOS) system, using nss_ldap, authenticate
against AD directly, or build an openldap replica of the AD contents
(just user accounts) and have the unix boxes authenticate against that. 
Because of the AD layout, I'm not sure nss_ldap is even configurable
enough to map users from the mess of groups within AD to one layer of
users.  The AD layout is messy.. the users are broken up in to different
groups ("IT Department", "Executives", etc., etc) within AD, and it
isn't straightforward on how to do a query just to get all users
(regardless of the group).

(unfortunately, I have no ability at this time to re-work the AD
architecture, nor do I take responsibility for its current layout)