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Re: Features supported

On Monday 28 April 2008 22:50:23 Molenda, Mark P wrote:
> It was Novell's Suse Enterprise Server 10 sp1.

Then, try and locate the source rpm that the binaries were built from. For 
example, 'rpm -qi openldap2' or similar would tell you the exact name of the 
source rpm. You should be able to download or request this source rpm from 

For example, you can find the SRPM for the package of current OpenLDAP 2.3 
provided at the OpenSUSE build service for SLE10 here:


A brief look at those packages seems to indicate that most backends and 
overlays are built in statically, with just back-perl and back-meta as 
modules (in separate packages), based on which man pages were shipped in the 
openldap2 package ...

Anyway, please note that you should really know how to determine these details 
for any software you run, based on the methods used by your OS vendor ... and 
further discussion of SUSE specifics would probably be a bit off-topic.