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RE: Features supported

It was Novell's Suse Enterprise Server 10 sp1.  If there is no way I
would think that a future feature would be to save off those items that
are requested in the build,
even for folks taking over a system built a couple of years ago, it is
probably unreasonable to have a production system rebuilt just to verify
everything you need is in there.  Or maybe a subset of the very good
extensive tests that are part of the check when doing a source build
could be pulled out and used to verify the feature set of the existing
Being in the commercial end for awhile documentation is sometimes rare
and verification would be very nice.  Maybe store it in an entry in a
special part of the schema....

Something to think about anyway.  Thank you for your reply. -Mark

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> Previous to my last Linux build, I've always built OpenLdap from
> source.   My latest build has pre-compiled OpenLdap and rather than
> rebuild everything, is there a way to easily figure out what options
> used to create this build?

Contact your linux distributor.  The OpenLDAP project provides source



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