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Re: Password policy definitions

Gustavo Mendes de Carvalho wrote:

T be sure about what error I got when I was using pwd policy, I was checking ldap.log file and I saw that when I define in slapd.conf file the statement overlay ppolicy my ldap does not starts.

Any meaningful message written to the log when startup failed?

How about just starting slapd from command-line with debug level set with option -d?

Then I was checking in google and I find out
that my rpm version maybe does not have the option to support overlays
when it was built.

Could you please be more precise with the information? "Checking in Google" does not say much. Reference the information by giving URL here.

You might have to load this overlay in slapd.conf before using it.

moduleload      ppolicy.la
overlay ppolicy

Do you have any idea in how to include overlay module into an already
built rpm ?

I am talking about this version

Don't know these RPMs myself.

Ciao, Michael.