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Re: Password policy definitions

2008/4/28 Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>:
> Gustavo Mendes de Carvalho wrote:
> > According with man 5 slapo-policy and OpenLDAP site docs, in attribute
> > pwdAttribute I have to input value userPassword, but this attribute
> > does not support strings (according with my tries), so I inserted
> > correspondent userPassword OID (
> >
> is not the correct OID here. It identifies
> the LDAP syntax 'Octet String' which is used for attribute type
> 'userPassword'.
>  The correct OID for attribute type 'userPassword' to be put in
> 'pwdAttribute' is

Yes, you are right, but my main question is what value do I have to
setup in pwdAttribute when configuring some user, if I choose to use
Password policy ?


>  Ciao, Michael.

Gustavo Mendes de Carvalho
e-mail: gmcarvalho@gmail.com