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Re: Recommendation for Web Interface for OpenLDAP

Wes Modes wrote:

WM> I'm looking for a web interface for OpenLDAP.

WM> *  Simple - minimal bells and whistles
WM> *  add, delete, and modify users
WM> *  add, delete, and modify groups
WM> *  secure - using SSL/TLS
WM> *  linux and apache friendly
WM> *  written in perl, php, or python

Have a look at GOsa:


In its default configuration it's much more than you need, but it's very
modular and hence straight forward to turn off all the functionality you
don't want.  It's also fairly simple to create new modules if you one
day discover a requirement for functionality it doesn't have.  It's
written in PHP using the Smarty template engine.

You should be aware that it's not a pure GUI for an arbitrary OpenLDAP
tree.  You have to use its schemas and add its object classes to the
things you want to manage.  But that's a once-only effort, and if your
OpenLDAP data is reasonably sane (or not rolled out yet because you're
migrating from some previous technology), it shouldn't be too tricky to
make it ready.

We've deployed GOsa on scales from a few hundred to tens of thousands of
users - typically as a management GUI for an OpenLDAP-backed
Samba/Exim/Mailscanner/Cyrus SME-type infrastructure, but also for less
generic deployments founded on subsets of those technologies.

GOsa was originally developed for the Munich project (see the GOsa home
page for info); for examples of other deployments, see:




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