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Recommendation for Web Interface for OpenLDAP

Howdy, I'm looking for a web interface for OpenLDAP. I want something pretty simple since I won't need to reorganize the entire DIT through the web, only add, delete, and modify users and groups.

I'm using smbldap-tools which has it's own set of scripts that I can tap into. I will need to extend the web interface to modify the samba schema extensions to LDAP or run the smbldap-scripts.

With that in mind, I am interested in something written in PHP or Perl that can be easily modified or extended.

I'd love it if you can recommend a simple web interface for LDAP. If you can recommend something, please tell me what features appeal to you or work well for you. And how does it meet my criteria:

*  Simple - minimal bells and whistles
*  add, delete, and modify users
*  add, delete, and modify groups
*  secure - using SSL/TLS
*  linux and apache friendly
*  written in perl, php, or python

Thanks for your help.